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Guide for the open and affordable learning community of Florida, OPEN FL.

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  • Stay informed on open and affordable learning
  • Collaborate with colleagues across the state
  • Share local processes and practices
  • Showcase adoption, adaption, and creation examples
  • Explore community development opportunities
  • Dialogue on hot topics, trends, and tidbits
  • Develop review standards and approval process for OER



Spectrum of Open


The open and affordable community of Florida, OPEN FL, has defined open in a spectrum.  As you begin around the O we start with, public domain, the most open content we can use in an educational setting and where you should start your journey to find suitable, quality content.  When you work your way around the O the openness of the content actually closes, but all efforts support an open and affordable learning environment for our students.

Coming Soon

  • Statewide review standards
    • Submit local or individual standards used or should be used in the review of a textbook or learning resource
      • Paper forms will be sent to each institution
    • Collected review standards will be used to develop OER approval rubric for the state in collaboration with OPEN FL and all FALSC member libraries
  • Webinar Series (Summer - Fall 2019)
  • Open Textbook Network Train the Trainer Workshops (Final three this Fall)
  • OER Summit 2020 (Spring 2020)
  • Zero Textbook Cost-Spectrum of Open Icon
  • Copyright Guide
  • Accessibility Guide
  • Statewide Database of Open Textbooks and Educational Resources
  • YOUR IDEA HERE-Let the community know what should be next