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Digital Initiatives Standing Committee (DISC)

This guide is designed for and to provide information on the Digital Initiatives Standing Committee.

Initial call for members and charge

The DISC Digital Preservation Working Group was formed in March 2019.  The following is the initial call for members, charge, and initial membership list:


Standing meeting:  The third Tuesday of every month, 1-2pm link:


The Digital Preservation Working Group will:

  • survey the digital preservation needs of member institutions
  • identify digital preservation best practices
  • develop lists of required and preferred criteria in a digital preservation platform
  • provide recommendations to DISC regarding findings from the above tasks


  • To produce a guide with specific criteria required in a digital preservation platform, reviewed on an annual or biannual basis.
  • To produce and maintain a list of available digital preservation systems.
  • To produce a best practices document for different levels and types of digital preservation that is platform agnostic, reviewed on an annual or biannual basis.
  • To actively maintain the Digital Preservation Resource Guide.

Timeline: To be determined by the working group


  • Lydia Motyka, FALSC liaison
  • Randy Fischer, FLVC advisor
  • Lee Dotson, UCF, chair
  • Krystal Thomas, FSU
  • Dean DeBolt, UWF
  • David Russell, Gulf Coast State College
  • Fletcher Durant, Smathers Libraries, UF
  • Chris Levesque, Pensacola State College
  • Kelley Rowan, FIU
  • Courtenay McLeland, UNF

Working documents (access currently limited to Working Group):

Agenda & Minutes 2019

DISC Digital Preservation Working Group Agenda and Minutes April 17, 2019
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Review of charge, goals and timeline
  • Select a Working Group lead
  • Determine meeting schedule and action items

DISC Digital Preservation Working Group Agenda May 1, 2019, 3pm

Recording of this meeting:

A formal initial meeting of the new DISC Digital Preservation Working Group.

Tentative Agenda:

Join Webex Meeting


Meeting number (access code): 805 863 420  

Join from a video system or application
You can also dial and enter your meeting number.  
Join by phone 
+1-240-454-0887 United States Toll (San Jose) 
+1-240-454-0887 United States Toll (San Jose) 

The action item from the last meeting was for each group member to prepare a paragraph or two describing his or her institution’s current preservation needs. These will be reviewed at tomorrow’s meeting. You may send ahead of time or bring them to the meeting.


  • Review member institution’s current preservation needs.
  • Discuss next steps – prioritize goals

Here are the Action/Agenda Items for tomorrow’s (July 16) Meeting:

• The next focus of the group’s work will be the Working Group’s first goal: “To produce a guide with specific criteria required in a digital preservation platform, reviewed on an annual or biannual basis”.

• Members were asked to thing about this goal and to jot down ideas. The group’s internal Google spreadsheet now includes a tab for this purpose: /edit#gid=1989084886


If you have additional discussion items, feel free to suggest.

Homework for this meeting:

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