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Alma/Primo VE Resource Guide

This guide is one-stop site for everything related to FLVC's integrated library system (Alma) and discovery tool (Primo VE). Included are sections on training courses, basic functions of Alma, access to test environments, managing staff accounts, and more

Administrator Access

Administrator Access to Alma and Primo VE

Various FLVC staff currently have Administrator access to Alma and Primo VE for all 40 institutions and the Network Zone. If an institution needs to change a configuration setting in Alma or Primo VE, a request can be submitted to the FLVC Help Desk. If role changes are needed to an existing staff account or an account is needed for a new staff member, the FLVC Help Desk asks that you complete either of the forms located under the Alma User Roles section of this Libguide.  Requests for these changes are usually addressed by FLVC in a timely manner.

For institutions that wish to make their own configuration settings or manage their own staff user accounts, FLVC has created a process to allow certain qualified library staff administrative access to various areas of their own instance of Alma and Primo VE. Details are listed below.


Library Role Administrator

The first step in this process is for the institution to designate one staff person as the Library Role Administrator (LRA). This person acts as the point person for all administrator roles that are given to any library staff at the institution. They must also make sure that the rules and guidelines developed by FLVC for those who have administrative access are followed by the library.

To be a Library Role Administrator, a staff member must:

  1. Complete and sign an agreement with FLVC which outlines the duties and responsibilities of an LRA. The agreement must also be signed by the Library Dean/Director of the institution. Click here to access the form.
  2. Complete the Alma and Primo VE Certification courses offered by Ex Libris and pass the certification exams offered at the end of each course. Send a copy of the certificates to the FLVC Help Desk so that FLVC has a record of your accomplishment.
  3. Attend all training sessions put on by FLVC on using administrative functions in Alma.


Other Staff as Administrators

Once an institution has designated a Library Role Administrator, that person may want to assign administrative roles to other staff. For instance, staff in charge of Acquisitions or Resource Management may want administrative access to just those particular areas. Other staff may be responsible for creating and/or managing user roles for the library and want administrative access to just that function in Alma.

The LRA can grant administrator access to various areas of the system to another staff member as long as that person has:

  • Completed the Alma and Primo VE certification courses.
  • Attended the relevant training sessions offered by FLVC on using administrative functions in Alma.


FLVC Training

FLVC is committed to offering several live, online training sessions on a periodic basis, including:

  • User Administrator Training
  • Acquisitions Administrator Training
  • Resource Management Administrator Training
  • Fulfillment Administrator Training
  • Discovery Administrator Training
  • General Systems Administrator Training

Information on when these training sessions will be offered will be posted on the main page of this Resource Guide.