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Alma/Primo VE Resource Guide

This guide is one-stop site for everything related to FLVC's integrated library system (Alma) and discovery tool (Primo VE). Included are sections on training courses, basic functions of Alma, access to test environments, managing staff accounts, and more

Managing Alma User Roles

Managing Alma User Roles

Managing Alma User Roles involves:

  • Creating new accounts for library faculty, staff, and student workers within the library
  • Updating existing accounts by adding or removing specific roles
  • Removing all roles for faculty, staff, and students who no longer work in the library

The management of Alma user roles can be done two different ways depending upon the institution. While many libraries rely on FLVC staff to maintain their staff user roles, several others have trained library staff that do this work for their institution. Those that do their own user roles should have local protocols and procedures to follow. Staff should check with their ILS Coordinator on whether their library's user roles are maintained by FLVC or locally by a staff member. A list of ILS Coordinators can be found here.

For libraries that rely on FLVC to manage staff user accounts, please use the following two forms:

  • For adding, modifying, or deleting a single account, please use the Staff User Request Form FLVC015. It is a PDF file, so you should save the form, fill it out, and then send it to the FLVC Help Desk as an attachment.
  • For adding multiple accounts in batch, please use the Alma User Accounts Worksheet. It is an Excel file, so you should save the form, fill it out, and then send it to the FLVC Help Desk as an attachment.

Send the completed form to the FLVC Help Desk at To assist you in filling out the form, please refer to the Alma Role and Profiles Document which explains what's included in each role.

If you have any questions, please contact the FLVC Help Desk.

Related Issues with User Roles

Limitations on Accounts with Alma Roles

FLVC's agreement with Ex Libris for the use of Alma as an integrated library system for all 40 state universities and colleges is based on certain limits or thresholds. One of these limits is the number of users that have Alma user roles. In order to ensure that we do not exceed our allotment of Alma users system-wide, FLVC will be suspending user roles for any account that has never been used to log into Alma or that has been inactive for over 90 days. A process will be run monthly to identify and suspend these accounts. Staff who have been affected by this can contact the FLVC Help Desk ( if they need their accounts restored.


Generic Accounts

With the implementation of Alma, FLVC no longer supports generic user accounts. Alma user accounts are essentially the same as patron records but with various Alma roles attached. All library staff, including student workers, are required to have a unique account in the system.