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Alma Resource Sharing Guide

This guide explains the various components of FLVC's current resource sharing processes also known as UBorrow.

UBorrow - General Information

UBorrow Policy

The UBorrow Policy is also posted on the FALSC website,

Click on the UBorrow Policy to view it.  The document was originally created in 2010.  It was modified by committee and reposted in mid 2015.  

After a new ILS system has been implemented.  The FLVC Resource Sharing Standing Committee will revisit the policy and make changes, if necessary.

The loan period for UBorrow monographs is 60 days.

UBorrow Lost Policy

The UBorrow Lost Book Policy from RSSC is 6 pages long and includes the research done by the RSSC to determine the best process for handling Lost UBorrow books for all 40 FL institutions participating in UBorrow.  The actual recommendation, it was approved by MCLS in Sept 2016. 

Because UBorrow Lost loans in Circulation are not automatically reflected in AlephILL, it is up to (Borrowing) library staff to update the status of lost loans in UBorrow. 

UBorrow Damaged Policy

There is no specific Damaged Policy, but the 2013 RSSC Guidelines states in the, Responsibilities of Borrowing Libraries section:

In compliance with the U.S. Interlibrary Loan Code, the requesting library is responsible for the safety and return of borrowed materials, including compensation (as determined by the supplying library) to the supplying library for the expense of the replacement or repair. Invoice procedures for lost/damaged books should only include the replacement cost. No additional late or processing fees should be added. Identical replacement items may be accepted. Local agreements may supersede this Guideline.

*UBorrow Media Policy- New

For years some librarians has asked to have media added for UBorrow requests.  The configuration and setup is time consuming, but fairly straightforward, the issue, however, lies in two basic area, 1) Libraries need to be willing to take on the responsibility to loan media to patrons outside of their libraries, and deal with the added labor of properly packaging media for safe delivery, and 2) There needs to be a policy which deals specifically with Media.

In January 2020, the RSSC approved a policy for Media items in UBorrow and emailed the Access Services Listserv, asking for libraries interested and willing to include their medial collection for UBorrow.  Below is the  UBorrow Media policy:

Media items are:  DVD’s, CD’s, VHS, musical scores, Audio Books (discs), LP’s.

Loan period – 14 days

Renewal period – 7 day


  • Participation is optional. 
  • Damaged and/or Lost. 
    • Follow UBorrow Lost Book/Damaged policies - see above.
  • Shipping.
    • Ship via Delivery (DLLI).  Protect the item by placing the item in bubble wrap or padded envelope before placing the item in the Delivery (DLLI) bag. 
    • Optional is the ability to send via UPS/FedEx.
    • Not required to return items back UPS/FedEx.