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SUS Aleph ID and Staff Privileges Manager Resources

Helpful resources for SUS staff that are tasked with setting up Aleph user ids and who grant the various access rights to allow staff to work in their areas of the client.


New staff users may be added to the system in ALEPH through the "Staff Privileges" interface which can be accessed in any of the functional modules through the "Key" icon at the bottom of the module window. Through this interface, in addition to creating the user IDs and passwords, this is the place in the system where all the distinct staff functions may be assigned in order for staff to perform their normal assignments and duties. 

At each university there is a team of local staff who are responsible for adding users to the system and setting up the rights for those users. If you need a user ID and password then you should contact the appropriate local staff to request that the user be added to the system.FALSC will help local staff who work in the "Privileges Interface" when problems arise to help solve any difficulties that come up.