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Integrated Library System ITN

A place to store and share information about the ITN Process for the procurement of FALSC's Integrated Library System.)



The purpose of this site is to provide information and support for FLVC’s procurement of a new, next-generation Integrated Library System (ILS). This Libguide lists the participants of the Evaluation Team, a list of Reviewers and their areas of expertise, a timeline of the process, as well as any pertinent documentation related to the process. Please note that some documents on this site may be password protected, as they may contain proprietary information. These documents will be available only to the members of the Evaluation Team and the Reviewers.

If you have questions about anything posted on this site or about the ITN process in general, please feel free to contact Ellen Bishop ( or Dave Whisenant (

Current Status

May 14, 2019: The Evaluation Team met on May 7th at the Gainesville FLVC office for the final vendor scoring and decision on a recommendation if one or more vendors should be invited to negotiate. The final scoring was based on the written responses from the ITN, a number of additional questions and answers from the vendors, the vendor oral presentations/demos, and the feedback received from the survey that was sent to all library staff.

Next steps are for the Evaluation Team to write a letter of recommendation to the UWF/FALSC Negotiation Team. The Evaluation Team is also working on a documentation for Negotiation Points.

Reminder: We are still under UWF Procurement’s Cone of Silence until negotiations are complete.