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Integrated Library System ITN

A place to store and share information about the ITN Process for the procurement of FALSC's Integrated Library System.)



The purpose of this site is to provide information and support for FLVC’s procurement of a new, next-generation Integrated Library System (ILS). This Libguide lists the participants of the Evaluation Team, a list of Reviewers and their areas of expertise, a timeline of the process, as well as any pertinent documentation related to the process. Please note that some documents on this site may be password protected, as they may contain proprietary information. These documents will be available only to the members of the Evaluation Team and the Reviewers.

If you have questions about anything posted on this site or about the ITN process in general, please feel free to contact Ellen Bishop ( or Dave Whisenant (

Current Status

March 10 2020:

We are pleased to announce that the contract for the Next Generation Integrated Library System (ILS) for FALSC will be awarded to Ex Libris for the Alma ILS and Primo VE discovery service.  A Notice of Intent to Award Contract is available at the University of West Florida Procurement website.

This milestone is the result of many, many months, as seen on the timeline, of dedicated and diligent work by library faculty and staff at all of your libraries; by all FLVC and FALSC staff; and by our colleagues at UWF Procurement and General Counsel.  It would simply be impossible to express to everyone involved the depth of our gratitude to everyone for all of the time, effort, and sheer determination that has enabled us to at last accomplish the goal of selecting a new system.  We would especially like to thank:

  • Everyone who served on the Evaluation Team
  • All those who served as Reviewers
  • The ILS ITN Negotiation Team
  • The Office of Procurement at the University of West Florida, and especially Angie Jones
  • The Office of General Counsel at the University of West Florida
  • President Martha Saunders and Provost George Ellenberg at the University of West Florida

It is an exciting moment to have at last come to a successful conclusion in the ILS section process.

FALSC staff will be working closely with the MCLS and MCLS Executive Committee to launch the implementation process.  More information will be forthcoming soon.