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Next Gen ILS Implementation

This is for FALSC's Alma/Primo VE Implementation Project.

ILS Coordinators

ILS Coordinators

Each institution is required to appoint one person to act as the ILS Coordinator. This person will act as a liaison between the institution and FALSC on all matters related to the implementation of Alma and Primo VE. They are asked to share information about the project to the rest of their library staff as well as to other services at their institution including IT and their administration.

Typically, the ILS Coordinators meet monthly with FALSC staff for an update and to share information and concerns about the project. 

Current ILS Coordinators

Institution Coordinator Title E-mail Address
Broward College Craig Amos Associate Dean
Chipola College Jane Stephens Coordinator of Library
College of Central Florida Carole Thompson   Senior Library Technician
College of the Florida Keys Marcos Gonzalez Assistant Director, Learning Resource Center
Daytona State College Dustin Weeks Library Services, Assistant Chair
Eastern Florida State College Karen MacArthur Assistant Professor/Librarian, Cataloging
Florida A&M University Ernestine Holmes University Librarian, Head of Acquisitions
Florida Atlantic University Amy Kornblau Assistant Dean for Service Enhancement and Project Management
Florida Gateway College Christine Boatright

Library Director 
Florida Gulf Coast University Danielle Rosenthal Head of Library Technology and User Experience
Florida International University Jin Xiu Guo Associate Dean for Technical Services
Florida Polytechnic University Kathyrn Miller Vice Provost, Academic Support Services
Florida SouthWestern State College Richard Hodges Library Director
Florida State College at Jacksonville Madeline Sims Library Technical Services Program Coordinator
Florida State University Valerie Boulos Associate Dean, Collection Development
Gulf Coast State College David Russell Librarian, Collection Strategies and Technical Services 
Hillsborough Community College Andrea Dufault Business Information Analyst
Indian River State College Alexis Carlson Reference Librarian
Lake-Sumter State College Kevin Arms Assistant Librarian
Miami Dade College Angel Hernandez Learning Resources Professional
New College Tammara Race Systems, Metadata & Assessment Librarian
North Florida College Lynn Wyche Library Director
Northwest Florida State College Janice Henderson Lead Librarian
Palm Beach State College Ken Myers Librarian/Professor
Pasco-Hernando State College Kayla Kuni Associate Director, Libraries
Pensacola State College Maria Goodspeed Technical Services Coordinator

Polk State College Shannon Schane Librarian
St. Johns River State College Royce Bass Public Services Librarian
St. Petersburg College Michele Laney Associate Director, Learning Resources
Santa Fe College Jenna Miller Librarian
Seminole State College Morgan Tracy Director of Libraries
South Florida State College Lena Phelps Chair, Library Services
State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Theresa Smith-Ennis Venice Library Supervisor
Tallahassee Community College Tricia Elton Faculty Librarian
University of Central Florida Ying Zhang Interim Associate Director, Collections & Technical Services
University of Florida Todd Digby Chair, Library IT
University of North Florida Jennifer Murray Associate Dean
University of South Florida Bonita Pollock Assistant Librarian, Collections & Discovery
University of West Florida Liza Campbell Head of Technical Services

Valencia College Ruth Smith Campus Director, Library West


Meeting Agendas and Recordings

Date Agenda Recordings
Wednesday, July 8, 2020, 2:00pm ET 20200708 Recording
Vanguard Kickoff Meeting with ExL on Thursday, July 9, 2020   20200709 Recording
Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 2:00pm ET Agenda 20200812 Recording
Wednesday, September 9, 2020, 2:00pm ET Agenda 20200909 Recording
Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 2:00pm ET Agenda 20201014 Recording
Full Forty Kickoff Meeting with ExL on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020 Slides 20201110 Recording
Wednesday, November 18, 2020, 2:00pm ET Agenda 20201118 Recording
Primo VE Configuration Form Review on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 Slides 20201201 Recording
eResources in Alma/Primo VE on Wednesday, December 9, 2020 Slides 20201209 Recording
Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 2:00pm ET Agenda 20201209 Recording
Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 2:00pm ET Agenda 20210113 Recording
Wednesday, February 10, 2021, 2:00pm ET Agenda 20210210 Recording
Wednesday, March 10, 2021, 2:00pm ET Agenda 20210310 Recording
Wednesday, April 14, 2021, 2:00pm ET Agenda 20210414 Recording
Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 2:00pm ET Agenda

20210512 Recording

Wednesday, June 9, 2021, 2:00pm ET Agenda 20210609 Recording
Wednesday, July 14, 2021 2:00pm ET???? Agenda 20210714 Recording


Go Live Documentation


Training Sessions Available from Ex Libris

Getting to Know Alma

Alma Essentials

Primo VE Training

Ex Libris' Main Training Site


Institution Clean Up Documents


Item Status and Collection Clean Up

All Item Status and Collection Clean Up Documents should be returned to FALSC as soon as possible with a deadline of October 14, 2020.  Please send completed forms to Please send questions to

The Excel spreadsheet contains a report of each Sublibrary/Collection/Item Status combination with a count of the number of items in each as of 8/26/2020. This spreadsheet is what I used to create the document and it can be used by you to look at your data and sort and view things in whatever way you wish. It is just informational.

Based on the spreadsheet, the Word document contains lists of item statuses, collections, and sublibraries that could be cleaned up, removed, or in some cases renamed based on the information in the spreadsheet. The Word document has spaces for your institution’s staff to say whether the proposed clean up should yes, go ahead, or no, do nothing at this time. 

The Item Status and Collection Clean Up Document has a few tables. They are not labelled but your sublibraries, collections, Item Status numbers, and Item Status Descriptions should be easily recognizable. The last number is the count of items with that sublibrary/collection/item status. You can view where these came from by looking at the spreadsheets. The other columns that contain xxx15 and xxx16 are codes that will help us do the clean up, these can be ignored. 

For Item Statuses and Collections that only have a few items using them, I have asked if you would like to clean up and delete. There is enough information to run General Retrieval Reports to take a look at these items and update them to a new Item Status or Collection. Please run these reports if you would like me to delete the item statuses or collections. 

There may be some collections that have no items but that you know you have holdings attached to them. If you know that there are holdings attached (for example you don't create items for periodicals so your PER collection is "empty") please respond "no" to deletion. 


Borrower Status Clean Up

Borrower Status Clean Up spreadsheets are now posted below (10/5/2020). Please download, complete, and return them to before November 20, 2020. 

Each of your institution's borrower statuses are listed in the spreadsheet by description and code. For each of them we have given a count of the number of patrons that have that borrower status (the count includes expired patrons) and have added whether the patron status is loaded by the patron load. For each borrower status that IS NOT loaded by the patron load, please let us know: 

  • If it is still in use. 
  • If it is not still in use let us know if we can clean it up and then remove it from your list.
  • If you want to clean up and delete the borrower status please let us know which borrower status you would like to change the remining patrons to. 

The last column of the spreadsheet refers only to the rows that are highlighted in yellow. If the borrower status is highlighted in yellow and still in use by your institution, please describe how you use this borrower status. This is for informational purposes as there may be better ways to use the new functionality of Alma to accomplish the same work flow in a more streamlined way.

To find all patrons with a particular Borrower Status in Aleph: 

You can run the Patron List Report.

In ALEPH click Services à Reports à Patron List

Type in a filename next to “Output File” – all one word and in lowercase.

Leave Sublibrary with “All” checked

Choose the Patron Status you want

To get all the patrons:

                Make Privileges Expire after: 00/00/0000

                Make Privileges Expire before: 00/00/0000

Click the Submit button.

The completed report will show up in your Task Manager file list. It might take a little bit.

Please send any questions to Chrissy Cogar at


Institution Item Status and Collection Clean Up Documents Item Status and Collection Spreadsheets Borrower Status Spreadsheets
Broward College doc xls


College of Central Florida doc xls xls
Chipola College doc xls xls
Daytona State College doc xls xls

Eastern Florida State College

doc xls xls
FAMU doc xls xls
FAU doc xls xls
FGCU doc xls xls
FIU doc xls xls
FL Gateway College doc xls xls
College of the FL Keys doc xls xls
FL Polytechnic University doc xls xls
FL State College at Jacksonville doc xls xls
FSU doc xls xls
FL SouthWestern State College doc xls xls
Gulf Coast State College doc xls xls
Hillsborough Community College doc xls xls
Indian River State College doc xls xls
Lake-Sumter State College doc xls xls
Miami Dade State College doc xls xls
New College of FL doc xls xls
North Florida College doc xls xls
Northwest FL State College doc xls xls
Palm Beach State College doc xls xls
Pasco-Hernando State College doc xls xls
Pensacola State College doc xls xls
Polk State College doc xls xls
Santa Fe College doc xls xls
State College of FL - Manatee-Sarasota doc xls xls
Seminole State College doc xls xls
South Florida State College doc xls xls
St. John's River State College doc xls xls
St Petersburg College doc xls xls
Tallahassee Community College doc xls xls
UCF doc xls xls
UF doc xls xls
UNF doc xls xls
USF doc xls xls
UWF doc xls xls
Valencia College doc xls xls


Staff User Roles in Alma

Updated 11/17/2020

FALSC is asking all institutions to identify all library staff that will need a user account in Alma and assign the roles to each account which will allow staff to do their work. These accounts will be created in the Full Testload instance of Alma in February 2021 and will be retained when the system goes live in July 2021. To assist in this process, please use the following documents:

Worksheets are due January 15, 2021. If you have any questions, please contact the FLVC Help Desk at


PRIMO VE Configuration and Customization Forms



This document is designed to assist ILS Coordinators and library staff in providing input about their institution’s local Primo VE view. Ex Libris has a Configuration form (spreadsheet) with multiple tabs. These instructions only relate to the two Primo tabs on the spreadsheet: Primo VE – Configuration and Primo VE – Digital Collections. Previous vanguard Primo VE spreadsheets will not be used.

Ex Libris has streamlined the initial release of Primo VE for the Full Test Load. Many configurations will initially be identical across all 40 institutions in order to facilitate troubleshooting during data review. Everything can be changed during the Full Test Load or after go live.

The deadlines for submission of these forms to FALSC are listed below. FALSC needs a few days to review the submissions before sending them to Ex Libris by our deadline.

  • Draft Configuration forms - January 11, 2021
  • Final configuration forms – January 18, 2021

FALSC’s deadlines to submit the configuration forms to Ex Libris are a few days after these. We need a few days to review the submissions and clarify entries as needed.

There are other configuration and customization options that each institution can add to their interface later. Useful documentation from Ex Libris explains the various options identifies some of the configuration options, not all of which are being requested now.

Please indicate your institution’s preferences on the two Excel spreadsheets that are listed below.

Return the completed spreadsheet tabs and a logo meeting all specified size requirements/file type by email to or


Primo VE - Configuration Form Instructions

Row 3. Provide a Logo - The requirements for the logo are:

  • The file format of the image must be .png or svg.
  • The height of the image cannot exceed 100 pixels.
  • The width of the image cannon exceed 300 pixels.
  • The size of the image cannot exceed 30KB.

Row 4. Side bar (facets) - Choose one, either left or right.

Row 7. Search box – Do not complete at this time. All 40 Primo interfaces will have identical scopes to start with. The scopes can be adjusted later.

Row 8. Do you want to restrict the ability to search Course Reserves to specific groups of users? (Ex Libris documentation: In general, most Ex Libris customers (such as academic libraries) do not need this functionality.)If yes, identify the users.

Rows 10-12. Do you want a search profile to search EBSCOhost databases? – choose Yes or No and provide the list of databases to be searched. Refer to EBSCO’s database codes short names list. FALSC obtained the credentials from EBSCO. For more information, see

Rows 14-16. Do you want a search profile to search Worldcat? – Choose Yes or No and provide the requested credentials. For more information, see

Rows 18-28. Facets. Indicate which facets to “keep as is” or “hide facet”. Do not relabel any facet yet. Add the order in which you want the facets to appear. Ex Libris recommends showing all facets at first, with two exceptions:

  1. Collections facet. Ex Libris recommends the Collection facet be hidden.
  2. Location facet. Ex Libris also suggests the Location facet be hidden. This is the facet we discussed during an ILS Coordinators meeting which has multiple occurrences of GEN, CIRC, etc.

Rows 30-34. The Full Record View has three sections: View Online, Get it, and Details. Provide a new label for the section indicated or leave as is.

Rows 36-43. Full Record View—Details Section—Additional fields. Do not complete at this time.

Rows 44-54. Main menu links. These are the links across the top of the Primo interface. Ex Libris’ documentation describes the main menu links. For each link listed, indicate whether it should be enabled or not. Indicate the order in which the link should appear across the top of the view

Rows 56-60. Customized links. In addition to the Main Menu links listed above, it is possible to add your own links to the menu that can take your users to external sites or pages. Indicate any customized links you would like to appear. For example, if you would like a LibGuides Databases A-Z to be listed, provide the requested information.

Rows 62-78. Browse list options. Indicate which Browse searches you would like or do not complete if you don’t want a browse search.

Rows 80-91. Record actions. Indicate which record actions to enable and their order. “Add/remove record to Favorites” is always enabled by default and is always an up front action and is always the first in order.

Rows 93-96. General attributes. Select the languages desired from the list of languages offered in the cells’ dropdown menus. English has already been entered as the default. Ex Libris cautions that the languages are applied globally and will also appear as choices in Alma. You can define up to six additional interface languages.

Rows 99-105. Local resource types. Do not complete this section.


Primo VE – Digital Collections Instructions

Completing this spreadsheet is optional. This spreadsheet applies to digital collections or to LibGuides if the institution desires to harvest those. Springshare’s web site which describes OAI-PMH harvesting is here: Only submit one collection.

  • Complete the top section.
  • Row 4. Use the institution’s acronym or name in the name of the collection, such as UCF Stars. If identifying a LibGuide on the spreadsheet, name it [institution name] LibGuides , such as FSCJ LibGuides
  • Do not complete the bottom section if submitting a LibGuide or a digital collection.

Patron Load Status for Each Institution

Below is listing of each institution and where FALSC stands with their patron load process. Approved means that the institution is ready to send files to FALSC once we go-live on July 13th. This list will be updated periodically.

Last Updated: April 7, 2021.

Institution Latest Status Date
Broward College Received files IT; returned back errors. 3/19/2021
Chipola College Approved 3/29/2021
College of Central Florida Received questions from IT 4/1/2021
College of the Florida Keys Loaded files into Alma; returned some errors that need to be addressed. 3/29/2021
Daytona State College Submitted files. Sent back errors. 4/02/2021
Eastern Florida State College Approved 3/15/2021
Florida A&M University Approved 3/23/2021
Florida Atlantic University Approved 3/18/2021
Florida Gateway College Approved 4/01/2021
Florida Gulf Coast University Approved 3/15/2021
Florida International University Working on files. Nothing sent 2/24/2021
Florida Polytechnic University Approved 3/10/2021
Florida SouthWestern State College No files. Will send by 4/30. 3/22/2021
Florida State College at Jacksonville Approved 3/24/2021
Florida State University Approved 3/25/2021
Gulf Coast State College Submitted files. Sent back errors. 3/31/2021
Hillsborough Community College Approved 3/30/2021
Indian River State College Submitted files. Sent back errors. 3/10/2021
Lake-Sumter State College Approved 4/07/2021
Miami Dade College Approved 3/24/2021
New College Approved 3/05/2021
North Florida College Loaded files. Found some errors that need to be addressed. 3/09/2021
Northwest Florida State College Received files. Sent back errors. 2/02/2021
Palm Beach State College Working on an issue with ID numbers. Will submit when this is fixed. 3/29/2021
Pasco-Hernando State College Submitted a file. Issues loading. 3/12/2021
Pensacola State College No files. Working on submitting one 2/12/2021
Polk State College Loaded file. Sent back errors. 4/01/2021
St. Johns River State College Approved 4/07/2021
St. Petersburg College Submitted files. Sent back errors. 4/06/2021
Santa Fe College Loaded files. Sent back errors to be addressed 3/17/2021
Seminole State College Approved 3/29/2021
South Florida State College Loaded files. Sent back errors to be addressed. 3/05/2021
State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Approved 3/12/2021
Tallahassee Community College Loaded files. Sent back errors to be addressed. 3/31/2021
University of Central Florida Approved 3/12/2021
University of Florida Loaded files. Problems with the matching ID numbers. 3/05/2021
University of North Florida Approved 3/15/2021
University of South Florida Submitted files. Sent back errors 2/04/2021
University of West Florida Approved 3/11/2021
Valencia College Approved 3/26/2021

Number of institutions Approved = 20
Number of institutions who are in process = 16
Number of institutions who haven't submitted a file = 4

Item Process Status Clean Up

In Aleph, Item Process Statuses were usually used to designate items as undergoing a "behind the scenes" process in cataloging, acquisitions, or circulation. Adding an IPS to an item made it easy to find them using Aleph's reports.

Alma does not use Item Process Statuses and instead uses Work Orders and Work Order Statuses to keep track of items requiring processing. In Alma, instead of running a report to find items that require work, they are available in a list and can be retrieved with just a few clicks.

Below are links to two documents:

  • Finding Records with Item Process Statuses in Alma - This Word document explains how to find and handle records with item process statuses. In some cases, items may need to be moved to a work order or to another location. Step by step instructions are given. Please feel free to consult with FALSC via the Help Desk if you need advice or assistance on what to do.
  • List of Item Process Statuses - This Excel spreadsheet lists all of the Item Process Status codes for each institution. (The colleges are listed first in the spreadsheet, then the universities.) Please use this as a reference to identify all of the items in your library's collections that currently have an Item Process Status.

As always, please contact the FLVC Help Desk at if you have any questions.



Ex Libris Documentation

Go Live Documentation