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Next Gen ILS Implementation

This is for FALSC's Alma/Primo VE Implementation Project.

E-Resources Management Working Group

E-Resources Management Working Group and Discussion Group

Proposed Charge

  • To oversee the implementation of the electronic resource management functionality (ERM).

Current Working Group Members


Name Title Institution Email Address
Anjana Bhatt Electronic Resources Librarian Florida Gulf Coast University
Tina Buck (Chair) Electronic Resources Librarian University of Central Florida
Cherie McCraw Library Services Consultant FALSC 
Erin Gallagher Electronic Resources Librarian University of Florida
Mark Marino Collection Development Librarian State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota
Jenna Miller Professor, Librarian Santa Fe College
Emily Ray Electronic Resources Librarian University of North Florida
Scott Schmucker Electronic Resources Librarian Florida State University
Kristine Shrauger Liaison from Joint Use Working Group University of Central Florida
Mia Tignor Emerging Technologies Librarian Indian River State College
Amanda Yesilbas Electronic Resources Librarian University of South Florida
Lisa Tatum Public Services System Specialist FALSC (Liaison)
Rachel Erb Director of E-Resources FALSC (Co-Liaison)


Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Recordings


Date Agenda Minutes Recordings
  Now meeting as ERM open office hours, Mondays 9-10am. (Eastern time) All are welcome.  Here is the meeting link.    
July 19, 2021 7/19/2021 Agenda 7/19/2021 Minutes 7/19/2021 Recording
July 12, 2021 7/12/2021 Agenda 7/12/2021 Minutes 7/12/2021 Recording
June 21, 2021 6/21/2021 Agenda 6/21/2021 Minutes 6/21/2021 Recording
June 14, 2021 6/14/2021 Agenda 6/14/2021 Minutes 6/14/2021 Recording
June 7, 2021 6/7/2021 Agenda 6/7/2021 Minutes 6/7/2021 Recording
May 31, 2021 Memorial Day Memorial Day Memorial Day
May 24, 2021 5/24/2021 Agenda 5/24/2021 Minutes 5/24/2021 Recording
May 17, 2021 5/17/2021 Agenda 5/17/2021 Minutes 5/17/2021 Recording
May 10, 2021 5/10/2021 Agenda 5/10/2021 Minutes 5/10/2021 Recording
May 3, 2021 5/3/2021 Agenda 5/3/2021 Minutes 5/3/2021 Recording
April 26, 2021 4/26/2021 Agenda 4/26/2021 Minutes 4/26/2021 Recording
April 19, 2021 4/19/2021 Agenda 4/19/2021 Minutes 4/19/2021 Recording
April 12, 2021 4/12/2021 Agenda 4/12/2021 Minutes 4/12/2021 Recording
April 5, 2021 4/5/2021 Agenda 4/5/2021 Minutes 4/5/2021 Recording
March 29, 2021 3/29/2021 Agenda 3/29/2021 Minutes 3/29/2021 Recording
March 22, 2021 3/22/2021 Agenda 3/22/2021 Minutes 3/22/2021 Recording
March 15, 2021 03/15/2021 Agenda 3/15/2021 Minutes

3/15/2021 Recording

March 8, 2021

SUSHI discussion SUSHI meeting notes SUSHI Discussion recording
February 22, 2021 02/22/2021 Agenda 02/22/2021 Minutes 02/22/2021 Recording 
February 15, 2021 02/15/2021 Agenda 02/15/2021 Minutes 02/15/2021 Recording

February 8, 2021

02/08/2020 Agenda 02/08/2021 Minutes 02/08/2021 Recording
February 1, 2021 02/01/2021 Agenda 02/01/2021 Minutes 02/01/2021 Recording
January 25, 2021 01/25/2021 Agenda 01/25/2021 Minutes 01/25/2021 Recording
January 11, 2021 1/11/2021 Agenda 1/11/2021 Minutes 1/11/2021 Recording
December 7, 2020 12/7/2020 Agenda 12/7/2020 Minutes 12/7/2020 Recording
November 30, 2020 11/30/2020 Agenda 11/30/2020 Minutes 11/30/2020 Recording

November 23, 2020

11/23/2020 Agenda 11/23/2020 Minutes 11/23/2020 Recording
November 16, 2020 No Agenda No Minutes ExL Analytics Recording from Systems/Reports WG (10/13/20)
November 9, 2020 11/09/2020 Agenda 11/09/2020 Minutes 11/09/2020 Recording
November 2, 2020 11/02/2020 Agenda 11/02/2020 Minutes 11/02/2020 Recording
October 27, 2020

*Optional Meeting*

10/27/2020 Agenda: Creating suggested

practices document for eResources Activation

Spreadsheet & beyond

10/27/2020 Minutes 10/27/2020 Recording
October 26, 2020 10/26/2020 Agenda 10/26/2020 Minutes 10/26/2020 Recording

October 19, 2020

10/19/2020 Agenda 10/19/2020 Minutes 10/19/2020 Recording

October 14, 2020

*Optional Meeting*

Sorry, no formal agenda Sorry, no minutes taken. 10/14/2020 Recording
October 12, 2020 10/12/2020 Agenda 10/12/2020 Minutes 10/12/2020 Recording
October 5, 2020 10/05/2020 Agenda 10/05/2020 Minutes 10/05/2020 Recording
September 28, 2020

09/28/2020 Agenda

*Questions for ExLibris*

09/28/2020 Minutes 09/28/2020 Recording
September 21, 2020 09/21/2020 Agenda 09/21/2020 Minutes 09/21/2020 Recording

September 14, 2020

09/14/2020 Agenda 09/14/2020 Minutes 09/14/2020 Recording
August 17, 2020 08/17/2020 Agenda 08/17/2020 Minutes 08/17/2020 Recording
July 27, 2020 07/27/2020 Agenda 07/27/2020 Minutes 07/27/2020 Recording
July 20, 2020 07/20/2020 Agenda 07/20/2020 Minutes 07/20/2020 Recording
July 13, 2020 07/13/2020 Agenda 0713/2020 Minutes 07/13/2020 Recording
July 6, 2020 07/06/2020 Agenda 07/06/2020 Minutes

07/06/2020 Recording

June 29, 2020 06/29/2020 Agenda 06/29/2020 Minutes 06/29/2020 Recording
June 19, 2020 06/19/2020 Minutes 06/19/2020 Recording



Working Documents for the ERM Working Group

This area includes documents or links to documents that will be discussed or used at the ERM Working Group meetings.


eResources data review

Databases/packages that have been cataloged in Aleph Full Test Load Phase - Use for P2E review

Linking parameters master list Provides information on how to configure the linking parameters for certain vendors collections for Open Athens. Can also be used by institutions using EZ Proxy if those parameters are entered. ERM is crowdsourcing solutions. As instituitons test a variety of links and you have to add to or adjust the out-of-the-box linking parameters in Alma for Open Athens, add to the master list. 

NZ Collections with linking parameters entered


eResource Activation Form New form to use for Cutover submission. This form is blank. Each ILS Coordinator was emailed the  new form pre-populated with the selections they had made for the Full Test Load. 

eResource Activation Form Help Sheet New spreadsheet with additional tab for Databases (e.g., A&I). Each institution already will be provided with this new spreadsheet with their activation selections recorded on it. This copy is for reference only.

Search Community Zone for eresource collections Help Sheet Help sheet refers to the Sandbox, but the same search can be used in the Vanguard Alma instances. 

FALSC NZ ererource activation spreadsheet for CUTOVER. The resources identified in the tabs are those in the statewide funded collection. They will be activated in the Network Zone and do not need to be listed on an institution's eresource activation spreadsheet. SUS in the Available for column indicates the resource is for the state universities. FCS indicates the resource is for the colleges. 

CDI known gaps and issues roadmap

List of resources in Alma (static list as of last fall; new content has likely been added)


Resources and Relevant Websites

Recommendations for E-Resources Migration -- The ERM Working Group has compiled this document to help everyone who is trying to determine how best to migrate their e-resources from Aleph, Holdings Management, EDS, etc. to Alma.

Getting to Know Alma - If you're new to Alma, this short series covers the basics.

Alma Essentials (updated) - This is an index of Alma topics/ExLibris training for Alma

Electronic Resources Management Workflows - ERM Workflows in Alma documentation.

Migration Guides and Tutorials - Basic training sessions regarding migration to Alma and Alma configuration.



ERM Discussion Group

The ERM Discussion Group is open to all library staff interested in the assisting in the development of functionality for the management of E-Resources for the Alma/Primo VE Implementation Project. A discussion list has been set up to allow the ERM Working Group to share their work on this issue and allow for open discussion.

To join the ERM Discussion List,

  1. Go to A form should appear.
  2. Enter your name and email address into the form.
  3. Click on Subscribe.
  4. You should receive an email message welcoming you to the list. Within that email, there should be a confirmation link. Click on the link to complete the process.


Link resolver base URLs

The list of base URLs for Alma's link resolver

The list of base URLs for Alma's link resolver formatted for use with PubMed's outside tool program


Help sheets

Activating portfolios using the Porfolio Loader

eResources Webinars - Look on the Project Presentations page for the list of webinars and recordings.


If you have problems subscribing to the list, please contact the FLVC Helpdesk at