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Mango Discovery

This is a listing of all webinars developed by FALSC for the Mango discovery tool

Open Research Library (Knowledge Unlatched)

Open Research Library

MARC XML records have been loaded and indexed in Mango for content in the Open Research Library. The records are currently loaded in the statewide Mango interface and are available for any of the 40 institutions if loading them in the local Mango interface is desired.


FAQ about ORL records in Mango. More questions and answsers will be added as we obtain more information from Knowledge Unlatched.


The Open Research Library (ORL) is a freely available open access platform that presents tens of thousands of OA books and chapters from a growing array of publishers. The content includes all of the books that have been successfully made open access by Knowledge Unlatched as well as added content from other sources. In the near future, the content will include the presentation of scholarly open access videos. 

ORL is available to any library and user for free. Individuals can create their own accounts for private workspace usage by simply providing a login and password. No personal information is required. 

Separately, libraries have been invited to support the Open Research Library through memberships, the funding from which will be used to speed up and broaden the development of the platform. For libraries supporting the ORL at the Premium level, several value added benefits are offered. No library is required to pay for its users to have access to the ORL. Membership is strictly optional and does not affect access. 

More information is available at or from your Knowledge Unlatched representative.