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Next Gen ILS Implementation

This is for FALSC's Alma/Primo VE Implementation Project.


Countdown until Go-Live

Welcome to the Alma / Primo VE Implementation Guide

We will be using this LibGuide to share information among the teams, Working Groups and Discussion Groups outlined in the Organization Framework for Implementation Document and the Organizational Framework for Implementation Graphic. Please feel free to check back to this guide often for updates and the latest information on this exciting project.



June 11, 2021:

UBorrow Open Office Hours! To assist libraries in testing functionality and establish workflows at your library, FALSC is offering two UBorrow Open Hour Sessions on Wednesday, June 9 from 10-11am ET and Monday, June 14 from 11am-Noon ET. Bring your questions and comments about how UBorrow will work in our new environment. Link to the UBorrow Open Office Hours.

Alma Analytics: Basics of Finding and Modifying Reports, June 11 from 10:00-11:00am ET. This webinar is a review of methods for finding and modifying reports in Alma, focusing on Alma Analytics. The Recording and Slides will be available on the Project Presentations page.

Work Orders in Alma and "Bound With" Webinar on Tuesday, June 8 from 9:00-10:00am ET.  The Recording and Slides can be found on the Project Presentations page. Three work orders will be created to start with: Send to Cataloging, Send to Bindery, and Send to Preservation. Also covered will be the enhancement Ex Libris completed for items that are “bound with”. These are items that are bound together, but are unrelated to each other. 

Functional and workflow testing continues through June 15 at EOD. On the LibGuide, you can find information about the Full Testload Phase, including how to report an issue, our Known Issues list, Testing Checklists, Migration Statistical Reports, Primo VE links, and more.

Technical Services Freeze began Friday, May 28! Changing all records and data in Aleph, except for circulation, has ceased. You can only run reports in that do not change data. Restricting functionality in Aleph will be done by the use of special staff user accounts. See your ILS Coordinator for your institution’s special Aleph Staff User logins.