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Next Gen ILS Implementation

This is for FALSC's Alma/Primo VE Implementation Project.


Welcome to the Alma / Primo VE Implementation Guide

We will be using this LibGuide to share information among the teams, Working Groups and Discussion Groups outlined in the Organization Framework for Implementation Document and the Organizational Framework for Implementation Graphic. Please feel free to check back to this guide often for updates and the latest information on this exciting project.



January 22, 2021:

The release of the Full Forty Testload Alma environments to all institutions is on schedule for February 9th. FALSC and FLVC staff, Working Groups members, Ex Libris implementation team, and library staff from all libraries have been working on setting up the Alma test environments for all 40 institutions. This work included extracting a copy of our Aleph data on October 30, 2020, manipulating it so that it can be ingested into Alma, providing migration and configuration parameters for each institution. We have been gathering information on all staff members who need access to Alma in order to set up their user accounts.  

The Ex Libris Full Forty Testload Data Review meeting is Tuesday, February 9th from 1-2:30pm ET. This meeting is open to all Working Group members, members of the Implementation Team, ILS Coordinators, and most especially to library staff. Ex Libris will go over how to access the Alma instances, review various reports and statistics about the data migration which will be available to each institution, and provide tips to library staff on how to effectively review their library’s data and report any problems. After Data Review, library staff will want to perform testing and become familiar with the system’s functions. Primo VE will be released at the First Look webinar on February 16th

A webinar to provide an overview of the Spring Workshops and answer any questions will be on February 4th from 9-10am ET. Stay tuned for an invite with connection information to the webinar.  In March, April, and the first week of May, Ex Libris and FALSC will provide live, online Spring Workshops for all library staff. There will be ten repeated workshops that each run for four days, Monday-Thursday. Stay tuned for communication about registering to sign up for workshop sessions.

All library staff should work to complete training modules, Getting to Know Alma, Alma Essentials and Primo VE Training, in order to perform the necessary data review and functionality testing beginning in February 2021. 

Ex Libris has updated their main training tutorial, Alma Essentials (NEW). The new version is organized a bit differently and also includes videos and screenshots of Alma's new user interface. Library staff that have not already taken the tutorial should use the new version rather than the earlier one. The changes are not substantial enough for FALSC to recommend that everyone who has already completed the Alma Essentials tutorial to take it again.