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Next Gen ILS Implementation

This is for FALSC's Alma/Primo VE Implementation Project.


Welcome to the Alma / Primo VE Implementation Guide

We will be using this LibGuide to share information among the teams, Working Groups and Discussion Groups outlined in the Organization Framework for Implementation Document and the Organizational Framework for Implementation Graphic. Please feel free to check back to this guide often for updates and the latest information on this exciting project.



July 29, 2021:

The FLVC Technical Services Standing Committee is holding weekly open office hours for Technical Services staff on Wednesdays from 10:00–11:00 am ET. Experienced Technical Services staff from member libraries and FLVC staff will be available to answer Technical Services questions about Alma. Connection information has been sent to the LIBS-ALL listserv.

The Cataloging and Authorities Working Group has a list of potential projects: CAWG List of Post-Migration Remediation ProjectsThe list is for your own project planning and for awareness about some known issues that can be cleaned up now that we are live on Alma. This is a work in progress. As issues are figured out, instructions to the list will be added.

Ex Libris will deliver our 12 premium sandboxes, or TEST environments, with the data of 12 of the 40 institutions the second week of August. Everyone will have access to three of the Test environments for testing and training. Nine of the institutions will have dedicated TEST environments for testing and training. See your ILS Coordinator for additional information.

You can still test functionality and train in the two Alma and Primo VE default Sandboxes! They will continue to be available where you have full access and any records/data can be changed and manipulated in the two Sandboxes. See your ILS Coordinator for URLs and Logins for both Alma and Primo VE Default Sandboxes.