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Next Gen ILS Implementation

This is for FALSC's Alma/Primo VE Implementation Project.

Working and Discussion Groups

Working Groups and Discussion Groups

A major aspect of the our implementation process is the use of Working Groups and Discussion Groups. The purpose of both groups is provide advice and guidance to FALSC and the vendor on how best to configure our new ILS and discovery interface. Eight general areas have been identified and assigned both a working group and a discussion group to help advise for that area. We recognize that there is much overlap between these categories, so groups are encouraged to collaborate when necessary.

Working Group Orientation Webinar: June 9, 2020 recording of the presentation for Working Group members and FALSC liaisons . We had special guests, Anne Prestamo, Dean of FIU Libraries and Ingrid Purrenhage, Director of Libraries at PHSC, joining the webinar as the SUS and FCS representatives on the Implementation Team.

Working Groups

In order to move quickly and efficiently, the MCLS chose to limit participation to the each working group to nine members, eight members and a chair. The chair, along with the FALSC staff liaison, reports directly to the Implementation Team. All working group members are chosen by the Executive Committee of the MCLS. Members from one working group may ask to attend another work group's meetings in order to understand and comment on any work related to both groups.

Discussion Groups

In order to allow broader input from all interested staff, each Working Group has a corresponding Discussion Group. All business of the working group is shared with the discussion group and discussion group members are encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions as well. This allows everyone interested in a specific area of the project a chance to voice their opinion.


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