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Next Gen ILS Implementation

This is for FALSC's Alma/Primo VE Implementation Project.

Training Working Group

Training Working Group and Discussion Group

Proposed Charge

  • To oversee the development and delivery of all training activities associated with this implementation, including the development and distribution of all documentation.

Current Working Group Members


Name Title Institution Email Address
Liza Campbell Head of Technical Services University of West Florida
Cynthia Digby Training Program Manager University of Florida
Brittnee A. Fisher (Chair) Public Services Librarian St. Johns River State College
Rich Gause Government Information Librarian University of Central Florida
Cynthia Harley Liaison from Joint Use Working Group Florida State University
Jessica Szempruch Interim Director and Instructor Librarian University of South Florida - Sarasota
Courtlann Thomas Learning Resources Director Polk State College
Kristen Jernigan  Instruction and E-learning Librarian  Polk State College

Dustin Weeks (Secretary) 

Head of Reference and Instruction Daytona State College
Melissa Sykes Public Services System Specialist FALSC (Liaison)
Brian Erb Director of Library Support and Training FALSC (Co-Liaison)


Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Recordings

Date Agenda Minutes Recording
06-17-2020 06-17-2020 Agenda 06-17-2020 Minutes Meeting Recording
07-02-2020 07-02-2020 Agenda 07-02-2020 Minutes  
07-16-2020 07-16-2020 Agenda 07-16-2020 Minutes  
07-30-2020 07-30-2020 Agenda 07-30-2020 Minutes  
08-06-2020 08-06-2020 Agenda 08-06-2020 Minutes Meeting Recording 
08-13-2020 08-13-2020 Agenda 08-13-2020 Minutes Meeting Recording
08-20-2020 08-20-2020 Agenda 08-20-2020 Minutes Meeting Recording
08-27-2020 08-27-2020 Agenda 08-27-2020 Minutes Meeting Recording
09-3-2020 09-03-2020 Agenda 09-03-2020 Minutes Meeting Recording
09-10-2020 09-10-2020 Agenda 09-10-2020 Minutes Meeting Recording
09-24-2020 09-24-2020 Agenda 09-24-2020 Minutes Meeting Recording
10-08-2020 10-08-2020 Agenda 10-08-2020 Minutes   
10-15-2020 No Meeting    
10-22-2020 No Meeting    
10-29-2020 10-29-2020 Agenda 10-29-2020 Minutes  Meeting Recording
11-05-2020 11-05-2020 Agenda 11-05-2020 Minutes Meeting Recording
11-12-2020 No Meeting    
11-19-2020 11-19-2020 Agenda 11-19-2020 Minutes Meeting Recording
12-03-2020 12-03-2020 Agenda 12-03-2020 Minutes  Meeting Recording
12-10-2020 No Meeting    
12-17-2020 No Meeting    
01-14-2021 01-14-2021 Agenda 01-14-2021 Minutes Meeting Recording
01-21-2021 01-21-2021 Agenda 01-21-2021 Minutes Meeting Recording
01-28-2021 01-28-2021 Agenda 01-28-2021 Minutes  Meeting Recordings 
02-18-2021 02-18-2021 Agenda 02-18-2021 Minutes Meeting Recordings
04-01-2021 04-01-2021 Agenda 04-01-2021 Minutes Meeting Recordings
04-08-2021 04-08-2021 Agenda 04-08-2021 Minutes Meeting Recordings
04-14-2021 04-14-2021 Agenda 04-14-2021 Minutes Meetings Recordings


Resources and Relevant Websites

Work Group Orientation PowerPoint

Getting to Know Alma - Alma Orientation 

Alma Training - Alma's Training Page 

Alma Essentials ( Updated) - Training Sessions for Topics in the Alma System

Training Examples - This Guide was created to organize and present Alma trainings to FALSC members

Cuny Alma Recordings

Vanderbilt University Workshop Resources

ILLINOIS LIBRARY - Alma Training and Documentation

CARLI Alma Implementation Training 

CARLI Alma Implementation Training Webinar Series 

Ex-Libris Knowledge Center 




Training Discussion Group

The Training Discussion Group is open to all library staff interested in the planning, scheduling, developing, and conducting training for the Alma/Primo VE Implementation. A discussion list has been set up to allow the Training Working Group to share their work on this issue as well as library staff to discuss all training related issues.

To join the Training Discussion List,

  1. Go to A form should appear.
  2. Enter your name and email address into the form.
  3. Click on Subscribe.
  4. You should receive an email message welcoming you to the list. Within that email, there should be a confirmation link. Click on the link to complete the process.

If you have problems subscribing to the list, please contact the FLVC Helpdesk at


             Below are the step by step instructions and examples for registering for the Spring Workshops 


             Step 1: Click on the Spring Workshops tab on the left side of the screen. 

Step 2: After clicking the Spring Workshops button you will be taken to the informational, weekly/session schedule and registration page. You can select the session and time that works best for you. * Please note that the Week 1 Workshop is for Working Group Members only*

Step 3: After you have selected the session that you would like to attend you will be taken to that session's registration page. You will then scroll down and click on the blue "Begin Registration" button.

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill our your information. * Please note if the session that you would like to attend is already full you can register for the waiting list in-case a spot becomes free.*

Step 5: Once you have successfully registered for a workshop session, you will receive a confirmation email. Within the email you will find the link to the meeting session. Also you can find the cancelation link if you are unable to attend the session. * Please note that the email confirmation delivery varies in time. If you have not received a confirmation after a hour or two from registering, please contact the Help Desk. 

                        FALSC Alma Spring Workshop FAQ’S


                1:   Q: Will the FALSC Alma Spring Workshops Webinar be recorded?

                       A: Yes, the recording will be posted on our Next Gen ILS Implementation LibGuide.

                 2:   Q: Do I need to register to obtain the recording?

                        A:  You do not have to be registered to obtain the recordings. The recordings will be posted on our Implementation LibGuide.

                 3:    Q: When will the workshop recordings be available?

                         A: There will be an email sent notifying the availability of the recordings.

                  4:   Q: If I have registered for a workshop but then realize that I can't join, how can I un-register to free up a space for someone else?

                        A:  You can un-register by clicking the cancel link in your confirmation email.

                  5:  Q: Will there be training on Analytics?

                        A: FALSC is about to announce an open session on Alma Analytics for Tuesday, March 9th at 1pm ET. Ex Libris staff will present. It will be recorded.

                  6:  Q: I registered for a workshop and I have not received the confirmation e-mail yet.

                       A:  Confirmation emails can vary in time. Also check your spam or clutter folder. If you have not received a confirmation email after 1-2 hours of registration. Please contact the Help Desk.

                 7:  Q:  If I am in a working group do I need to sign up for the week one workshop or wait until week two?

    A:  Week one is especially set aside for working group members. Week one allows the working group to attend the sessions and provide feedback to the implementation team for the upcoming sessions. If you are a working group member and wish to attend week two you can do so.

               8:   Q: Will there be a training for Primo VE?

                     A:  We are preparing for sessions on Primo VE  for late Spring.

               9:   Q: Do I have to do the Alma Essentials Training prior to the Spring Workshops?

                     A: Yes, the Alma Essentials Training videos and guides are beneficial for you. You will need the information that they provide for you to follow along with the information provided in the workshops.

              10: Q:  Is it all right to attend the same session a second time in a later week?

                     A: Yes, you can but you will still need to register for the session.

              11:  Q:  Will taking sessions in different weeks cause problems?

                     A: Taking sessions in different weeks shouldn’t be problematic.