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Next Gen ILS Implementation

This is for FALSC's Alma/Primo VE Implementation Project.

Test Data Review

Reviewing the test data pulled from Aleph and migrated into Alma and Primo VE is a vital part of the ILS Implementation process. It is imperative that the all of the records in our current system successfully convert into our new systems, and that all anomalies are identified and corrected.

In order to do this, FALSC and Ex Libris have scheduled two test data reviews during the course of the project. The first will be during the Vanguard Phase in which all data from eight of the 40 institutions will be fully converted and loaded into Alma and Primo VE. While this allows us to develop procedures that are needed to convert the data, the main focus of the Vanguard Phase is to have staff review how the data was converted and identify any problems that can be corrected. This entire process is repeated in the next phase of the project, the Full Testload Phase, where records from all 40 institutions are converted and loaded into Alma and Primo and another review is done.

This section contains information on the Data Review process for both the Vanguard and Full Testload Phases of the project. Included here is information on how to report an issue to FALSC and Ex Libris on the data conversion, a list of known issues that have already been reported, some testing scripts that are recommended for staff to use to help identify problems, and some migration statistical reports for each institution that show how many records were converted in each area of the system and a list of records that weren't converted due to problems. Please use this information in conducting your review.