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Next Gen ILS Implementation

This is for FALSC's Alma/Primo VE Implementation Project.

Returning UBorrow Loans

How to Return UBorrow Loans

Because UBorrow loans migrated from Aleph do not have any accompanying information with it, returns of loans will need to be managed manually.

The workflow for the University and College Libraries will differ slightly because the Universities use ILL-XXX (request number) as the temporary item barcode at the Borrowing library. The Colleges use the actual item barcode at the Borrowing Library.

Library staff will be able to have Read-Only access to Aleph to be able to view outstanding requests, or may refer to the provided spreadsheet of outstanding UBorrow loans.

Borrowing Workflow

NOTE: The relationships between the borrowing and Lending in AlephILL have been broken and UBorrow loan bib records have been suppressed. Therefore, you may see error messages during the process. Most of these can be ignored. Please email the FLVC Help Desk at if you are unable to complete the steps below.

  1. When the patron returns a UBorrow loaned item, staff should Checkin the loan:
    • Fulfillment > Under Checkin/Checkout > Return Items
    • Scan in barcode > OK
  2. Withdraw the temporary item record in your institution:
    • Search for Physical items > Barcode (ILL-XXXX for universities), (Lender book barcode for College Libraries)

    • Then withdraw the item record - See Below

  3. Return the item to the Lender. You will most likely need to either refer to the provided spreadsheet of outstanding UBorrow Loans or look up the item in the read-only AlephILL client.

Lending Workflow

  1. After Receiving the returned item in the mail, Return in Fulfillment to remove the Lending loan from the Borrowing library patron account.
  • This will change the Availability status of the title in Primo from, On Loan to Available.


Please contact the FLVC Help Desk at if you have any questions.