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Next Gen ILS Implementation

This is for FALSC's Alma/Primo VE Implementation Project.

Technical Migration Fix


  Technical Migration Fix


One method for taking things out of “Technical – Remediation” is to mark items as “Missing” and then check them back in again. This is just a simple way for the system to change the “Process type” to something other than the migration error note; checking them back in again resets all items to “Item in place” so they show up in Primo as available for checkout.

NOTE: only use this method for items that went into “Technical – Remediation” due to an item process status in Aleph that was informational only. For example, at UWF, we had an IPS of “BR” for brittle items (images below are for a process I did with our “RV” – items under revision). If the IPS was for something circulation related, such as Lost or Billing, that may need a different fix than this one. It may still be useful to create sets of your “internal note 3” process statuses so you can go through the lists and take them out of Technical – Migration on a case-by-case basis. For another example, UWF had about 11 items in “WD” for withdrawn. Once I verified those items were ready for deletion, I used the set to batch withdraw those items.

  1. Create a set using the “internal note: 3” and Process type – equals – technical-migration

Click “Search

Then click " Save Query"

Give the set a name you’ll remember, mark as either Private (yes or no) and Status: Active, and click Save

NOTE: this is a “logical” set, which means it will do a search every time the job is run. If you want to create a static list set, see the instructions at Ex Libris here.

  1. Then go to Admin à Run a job

Type in or choose “Change physical items” and click NEXT

Choose your set and click NEXT

In the “Enter Task Parameters” scroll down to “Missing status”, checkmark that box and select “Missing” from the drop-down menu, and click NEXT

This will replace all of the “Technical – Migration” processes with “Missing”

The “Run a job – Review and confirm” will come up – click “Submit” if everything looks good (only the ‘missing status’ box is checked)

  1. Once that job has completed running, run the list again (follow the above steps starting from step #2) but instead, remove the “Process type = Technical – Migration” from the search

 and in the task parameters, checkmark the “Missing status” box and leave it empty and click NEXT

This will check all the items back in from missing, and the status will become “item in place” and no longer in Technical - Migration

Created by:

Liza Campbell 

UWF - 07/15/21