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Next Gen ILS Implementation

This is for FALSC's Alma/Primo VE Implementation Project.

API Key Management

API Key Management

API Keys are managed at the institution level via the ExLibris Developer Network. Access to the Developer Network and the ability to manage API Keys is currently limited to FLVC staff. Improper use of poorly configured API Keys can cause irreparable damage, it has been decided that consultation with and oversight by FLVC staff is necessary for API evaluation and integration. To submit a request for an API Key, send an email to the FLVC Help Desk with the following information. 

  1. Area: the functional area(s) for which access is to be granted 
  2. Environment: the environment to grant access to, i.e. Premium Sandbox or Production
  3. Permission: read-only or read/write 
  4. Description: a brief explanation of the desired integration


Standard Integrations 

API Key requests for the following integrations only require the environment to be granted access to.  

  1. Alma Print Daemon
  2. SpineOMatic
  3.  Springshare LibCal