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Alma/Primo VE Resource Guide

This guide is one-stop site for everything related to FLVC's integrated library system (Alma) and discovery tool (Primo VE). Included are sections on training courses, basic functions of Alma, access to test environments, managing staff accounts, and more

Getting Started with Alma/Primo VE

Getting Started with Training

Here are some instructions on using this guide to learn more about Alma and Primo VE, especially for the Florida Libraries that FLVC supports:

  1. Look over the Alma Search and Navigation guide listed in this section.
  2. Access the Alma Functional Area Guide main page and read the overview.
  3. Access the individual Functional Area Guides for the subject area you are interested in. A new window will open on your browser.
    • Read through the guide
    • Watch any training videos listed in the guide
    • Do any exercises listed
    • Practice what you've learned using your library's instance of Alma or Primo VE
  4. Repeat for each functional area you need training on.

Each functional guide has links to training and documentation from FLVC, Ex Libris, and other Alma customers.

New library staff may want to start with a more formal approach to training. Ex Libris has several modular training programs available. Please see the section Ex Libris Training Courses for a description and access to these sessions.