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Alma Resource Sharing Guide

Managing Multi-Volume Requests

Currently there are two major issues with Multi-Volume requests:

  1. There is no method in Primo VE for the patron to see a list of available volumes and choose the desired ones for requests.
  2. Once the UBorrow request is placed for a Multi-Volume title, there is no "good" method to determine which one(s) the patrons wants, unless they enter the volume number on the Request form.
    • The patron may not be aware that the title has multiple volumes or might overlook the Volume field on the request form.

Once suggestion is to make the Volume Field mandatory, and pre-populate it with "NONE", for the majority of requests.  The patron can type over the text to enter the desired volumes, see Example below.

Example of UBorrow Request with Mandatory Volume field

Once the request has been placed, the Lending Library will be able to determine which specific volume(s) have been requested, and can select the corresponding item.

Note:  The item barcode is usually not be listed on the Request Slip, staff will need to choose the item that corresponds to the volume chosen by the patron.

More details of the process for Lending and Receiving Multi-Volume requests coming soon.