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Aleph v. 23 Upgrade: New Features/Functionality

This guide will provide training for the new features and functionality that comes with the upgrade to v. 23.

v.23 Circulation

Last update 12/20/2018 - new info in Blue

**If you are having problems logging in to the v.23 TEST client, try using your last ALEPH password - v.23 TEST contains a snapshot of the data and information from the middle of this past summer. If you don't remember your last password (I get it!) please send in a ticket to with your ALEPH username.

Your log on at go live to v.23 Production will be your current v.20 log on.

Click on the links to the left to learn about the new functionality in the version 23 Circulation module.

For more information check out the ALEPH 23 Staff User's Guide to Circulation.


Upgrade/Go Live Client Prep

The v.23 TEST and PROD clients are now available here. The Production client should be installed and set up before we go live on December 27th.

In preparation for the upgrade circulation supervisors or Library IT staff should have a copy of the following v.20 files to aide with set up. *Note: Do not copy v.20 files into v.23 folders. When modifying these files use Notepad and DO NOT USE the TAB KEY. Use the space bar or use the Arrow keys to correctly line up the columns.

  1. Circ/tab/PRINT.INI file for each circulation machine that generates hold slips, letters, and reports. This file makes sure that the correct version of these reports for your sublibrary are printed or emailed. This file tells the GUI which template version to use (column 2) and whether it should be printed or emailed when the client is set to 'Normal Printing' rather than 'Print Preview' (column 4). Most places use the default for everything in column 2 which is '00' you should take a look in your print.ini's to see if any are something other than '00'. As for column 4, some institutions email the hold letter that is generated when a hold is discharged - to do this they change column 4 in the "ReturnHold01" line from P to M. I would compare what was in column 4 in your version 20 ini file to what is in the v.23 ini file. 
  2. Circ/tab/GuiSys.ini for each circulation machine. This is where you can set the Loan and Return Options. The version 23 file will look empty since normally these settings are configured through the client. Take a look what is under [Loan] and [Return] in your version 20 files.
  3. Alephcom/tab/Alephcom.ini file for each machine that sends emails and especially for your print daemons. This file contains email server, print daemon, and print configuration information. Look at the settings you have in version 20 under the [General], [Print], [Mail], and [PrintDaemon] sections.
  4. Alephcom/tab/Print.ini for each print daemon machine. This file tells the GUI what to do with each printid (mail, print, both).

These files should be used to modify the same files in your downloaded v.23. The files can also be modified through the GUI once we are live on December 27th.

If your installation uses Workstation IDs instead of IP address to circulate items make sure you add the proper Workstation ID to the new v.23 TEST and PROD clients. This must be set on Production after we are live on December 27th.

Be sure to set up the Loan and Return Options for each client you install. The options can be found by clicking ALEPH --> Options - this can be set up before go live by modifying the GuiSys.ini file (see above).

Make sure you choose the right print configuration default. Print daemons and clients that automatically send emails to patrons should be set to "Normal Printing" all other machines should probably be set to "Print Preview." Set the default by right clicking the tiny printer at the bottom right side of the client GUI. This setting can also be set in Alephcom.ini (see above).



Offline Circulation Info

The upgrade from v.20 to v.23 will occur between Dec. 22 and Dec 27 during which time ALEPH will be completely unavailable. Many libraries will be closed during this time but if you are not...

To use Offline Circulation from the Regular Circulation Client:

  1. Open your v.23 ALEPH Production client - it is very important to use the new client for offline circ.
  2. Log in with your username and password - you will receive an error saying the server cannot be reached. Click 'OK.' ALEPH will ask if you want to open the client anyway, Click 'Yes.'
  3. At the top of the client click on "Circulation" and then "Offline Circulation."

Offline Circulation Recommendations:

We recommend using the v.23 Offline Circulation to check out regular loans to patrons and putting aside regular returns until the system is back up. You could also manually track loans with paper or a spreadsheet. Full instructions can be found starting on the bottom of page 101 here: ALEPH 23 Staff User's Guide to Circulation

We do not recommend using offline circulation for returns to prevent possible mix ups due to loan/return of the same item multiple times.

When the system is back up you would process all your offline circulation files first and then return your regular loans. It is very important to return your items after you are completely finished processing all offline circulation files. This will prevent a returned item from being erroneously checked out to a patron.

Short term loans like reserves should be tracked manually with paper or a spreadsheet since they are high use.


How to process the Offline Circulation file:

Once the system is back up on December 27th (or whenever your library reopens), go to each client that used Offline Circulation and send the file. Full instructions can be found starting on the bottom of page 101 here: ALEPH 23 Staff User's Guide to Circulation

  1.  Log on to the v.23 Production client that was used to Loan items
  2. Click "Circulation" and then "Offline Circulation"
  3. Click the "Send File" button.
  4. Click on the "Offline Circulation - Check Report" tab to view any errors or issues that you might need to look into. Click "Print" to print this file.
  5. Once you have sent the file and printed the report you can click the "Delete File" button under the "Offline Circulation" and "Offline Circulation - Check Report" tabs. This will clear the way for Offline Circulation use in the future. If you want to look at or save a copy of these raw files before they are deleted you will find them at Circ/files/xxx50/ where the xxx is your institution's letters. The files are named offcirc.dat and offcirc.log.