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Aleph v. 23 Upgrade: New Features/Functionality

This guide will provide training for the new features and functionality that comes with the upgrade to v. 23.

Log for Patron Record Changes

*Update 11/29/2018

A new log records changes made to the patron record, the name of the user who implemented the change, and the time and date the change was made.

Adding, updating, or deleting information in the global patron record, local patron information, address information, and patron ID areas of the patron record will trigger the log.

To retrieve the info, you would run a new report called cir-27 found under Services --> Patron Records. This may require additional staff permissions. It would also be possible to request a report by contacting the help desk.

*This report should be run on a particular patron account - in other words it shouldn't be run with the Patron ID field blank in a Production environment. Keep in mind that your patron loads are updating a lot of patron records at least weekly. Leaving the Patron ID field blank will bring back all those changes which might bog down your report.

Here's what the service and report look like: