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Aleph v. 23 Upgrade: New Features/Functionality

This guide will provide training for the new features and functionality that comes with the upgrade to v. 23.

New Letters

A new batch service, Hold Shelf Reminder Letters (cir-38), has been added. This service reminds patrons regarding hold requests which are not yet picked-up and produces a report including the items which are not yet picked-up.

If you would like to implement this new letter to patrons please send in a Help Desk ticket. This notification can be customized. You can also determine how many days after the item was put on the hold shelf the patron gets the letter.

This is what the default letter looks like:

It is now possible to easily send a letter to the patron in the event their request will not be filled and will be canceled. You can find it by clicking on Requests --> Hold Requests --> Print Letter - Hold Request Refused. The action of this process is the same as Deleting a hold request.

This letter can be customized. This is what the default letter looks like :