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Aleph v. 23 Upgrade: New Features/Functionality

This guide will provide training for the new features and functionality that comes with the upgrade to v. 23.

Add or duplicate multiple items in a single action, in the Acquisitions or Cataloging Item Lists

A new button has been added to the Item Expand form—"Add Multiple". When it is clicked, a new dialog box is displayed—"Add Multi-Items", enabling the user to enter the desired number of items to create or duplicate (1 to 100).

When clicking "Add" on the "Add Multi-Items" dialog box, the box is closed and the desired number of items are created. The Items List is refreshed with the newly created items, and the first item created is selected in the list. If the alephcom. ini variable "ConfirmMultiItem" is set to "Y", a message is displayed on top of the Items List, showing the number of items created. For example—"30 items (out of 30) created".

Note that when adding multiple items, the barcode field of the item form must be empty to allow the system to automatically assign a unique barcode to each newly created item.