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Aleph v. 23 Upgrade: New Features/Functionality

This guide will provide training for the new features and functionality that comes with the upgrade to v. 23.

Client Software

Aleph Version 23 Client

In order to use Aleph version 23, you must download and install a new Aleph client. The version 20 client will not work with the Aleph version 23 servers. The new client software must be installed for each workstation that needs to connect to the system. Because version 23 clients do not overwrite version 20 clients, both clients can exist on a workstation during the upgrade process.

**NOTE: The data in the TEST client was copied over on July 15, 2018. You will not find any records or transactions after this date. If you are having probems logging in to the v.23 TEST client, try using your last ALEPH password. If you don't remember your last password, please contact the Help Desk with your ALEPH username.

FALSC supports three Aleph version 23 servers that are available to institutions:

  • Production (or Prod) – This is our main working environment where all routine transactions take place. It contains live up-to-date data for all components of the system (circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, etc.)
  • Test – The Test server is exactly what the name implies, a place to test out new settings or functionality without affecting the production data. This server is heavily used by FALSC staff to tweak various settings in the system before making any changes on the production server. Data on the test server is typically static and is not up-to-date. FALSC refreshes the Test server data periodically as needed.
  • Report – The Report server is used by the SUS institutions and by FALSC to run various system and custom reports without affecting the performance of the production server. Data on the Report server is refreshed at the end of each day, so all but time-specific reports can be completed on this system.