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Aleph v. 23 Upgrade: New Features/Functionality

This guide will provide training for the new features and functionality that comes with the upgrade to v. 23.

Installing the Client Software

Instructions for Installing the Client Software

Once you have downloaded the Aleph version 23 client software, you will need to install it on every workstation that is used to interact with the system. Simply click on the executable file and follow the instructions when prompted. It may prompt you at the end to restart Windows.

Here are some tips to ensure the software loads successfully:

  • Put the executable file on a shared drive or a flash drive. This will prevent you from having to download the file from this site multiple times, and it should make it easier to install the software on several workstations.
  • Most networks require that the software be installed on the computer by someone who has administrator privileges. If you receive an error installing the software, check to make sure that you are logged on as an administrator. One way to ensure this is to right-click on the executable file name. A menu should appear with an option to “Run as Administrator.” Choose this option to start the installation process.
  • Remember that many institutions use a variety of anti-virus programs that may block the software from installing. These programs may need to be disabled or programmed to allow the client software to load.

If you have any issues with the installation process, please feel free to contact the FLVC Help Desk at