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Aleph v. 23 Upgrade: New Features/Functionality

This guide will provide training for the new features and functionality that comes with the upgrade to v. 23.


Due to the Aleph Upgrade this year, which will occur during the Winter Break between Dec 22 and Dec 27, Aleph will be completely down, and Mango will only be available for read-only access.

 We will stop UBorrow requesting on Dec 17.  We will post a banner on Mango about the downtime on or just before Dec 17th.

 Stopping requests early will allow a week for the majority of any outstanding UBorrow items that are in transit to reach the Borrowing library, or to be returned to their home library.

 UBorrow requesting will be reactivated on Jan 2nd, and UBorrow expirations will be reactivated starting Jan 7th.

 Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.