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Textbook Affordability and OER Standing Committee (TA-OERSC)

Committee Members

Member Email Institution Term
Robbie Allen Palm Beach State College 2020-2023
Regina Beard Florida Gulf Coast University 2020-2023
Nava Cohen (Secretary)  Pasco-Hernando State College 2019-2022
Perry Collins University of Florida 2019-2022
Shannon Dew Florida State College at Jacksonville 2020-2023
Isabel Duque Miami Dade College 2020-2023
Arenthia Herren Florida SouthWestern State College 2019-2022
Pamela Herring University of Central Florida COM 2020-2023
Victor Lawrence Broward College 2021-2023
Christopher Levesque University of West Florida 2020-2023
Katy Miller (Co-Chair) University of Central Florida 2019-2022
Alexander Neff University of South Florida 2019-2022
Brett Williams (Co-Chair) Indian River State College 2019-2022
Simone Williams Broward College 2019-2022
Erick Dominicis (MCLS Liaison) University of South Florida N/A
Rebel Cummings-Sauls (FALSC Staff) Florida Virtual Campus N/A

Previous Committee Members

Member Email Institution Term
Alexis Carlson Indian River State College 2017-2020
Ilene Frank Hillsborough Community College 2017-2020
Jennifer Gregor St. Petersburg College 2017-2020
Carol Hixson Florida Atlantic University 2017-2020
Howard Mori Florida International University 2020-2020
Devin Soper Florida State University 2017-2020
Scott Tarbox Santa Fe College 2017-2020
Rhonda Trueman Northwest Florida State College 2019-2020
Marjorie Young Pasco-Hernando State College 2019-2020

Standing Committee Responsibilities

[Note: The following is from the FALSC Members Council for Library Services Operating Procedures document which outlines the creation and management of all committees and task forces.]


Article III  Standing and Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces

Section A. Authority and Responsibility

Purpose: The Executive Committee shall have the authority to establish standing and ad hoc committees and task forces of the Members Council. Standing and ad hoc committees and task forces of the Members Council shall consider matters that are encompassed within the subject matters assigned to each committee and make recommendations to the Members Council. Committees must submit a written report for each Members Council meeting and have someone on hand at the meeting to answer questions.

Section B. Membership of the Standing Committees

Membership and Quorum: The Executive Committee shall have the authority to appoint and remove members of each committee. Each Committee will select a Chair and a Secretary. Committees may also have a co‐chair. A majority of committee members present at a committee meeting constitutes quorum for purposes of committee business. Committee membership is at the discretion of MCLS Executive Committee. Committee terms last for three years and begin July 1, except for the Collection Management and E‐Resources Standing Committee, whose term begins January 1. If a committee member leaves before the end of her or his term, a new member will be selected from recent committee applications or at the next selection period depending on the timing of the departure, at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Committee members are expected to attend all committee meetings.

Section C. Meetings of the Standing Committees

  1. Meetings: Meetings of the Standing Committees shall occur periodically and no less than quarterly, as determined by the Chair. Meetings may be held in person, by telephone, online, or by other virtual means. If meetings are held in person, any member may choose to participate by any other available means. A quorum will consist of a majority of the members present.
  2. Minutes: Minutes of committee or task force meetings shall be kept by the Secretary for each committee, and each meeting will be audio recorded. The minutes will be accessible through the FALSC website. 
  3. Roles and Responsibilities: Each committee and task force shall elect a Chair and a Secretary. The Members Council on Library Services shall provide a liaison to each committee. FALSC staff also will serve as committee liaisons. Liaisons are expected to attend all committee meetings. The Chair of each committee or the liaison shall report on any committee business at each Library Members Council meeting.