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Mango Discovery

This is a listing of all webinars developed by FALSC for the Mango discovery tool

Mango: Integration with EDS and Full Text Finder - Recorded July 26, 2018


From the Announcement:  Please join Cherie McCraw, Jay Wiese, and Dave Whisenant for a webinar on Mango: Integration with EDS and Full Text Finder. The webinar will cover the switch from the Primo Central Index (PCI) to EBSCO’s EDS mega-index and from SFX to EBSCO’s Full Text Finder link resolver. PCI and SFX will not be supported after September 30, 2018. The webinar will be an overview and will cover basic settings already made to both products and search results behavior. The webinar is of interest to all 40 institutions, in particular those which have been using PCI and SFX.



Recording - Click Here