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Mango Discovery

This is a listing of all webinars developed by FALSC for the Mango discovery tool

2018 Mango Enhancements

December 2018 Enhancements

  1. Items added to folder.  There are three changes to the behavior of the folder.

    • If a user is logged in, items added to the folder will remain in the folder even when the user logs out or ends their session.

    • If an anonymous user saves items and then logs in, those items are associated with their login and will be added to their existing folder.

    • If an anonymous user does not login, those items are associated with their session and disappear from the folder when their session ends.


  2. Book cover images. The size of the book cover images has been standardized on the brief results list to improve spacing and readability of the brief results. The size of the book cover image on the detailed record page will be as it comes to FLVC through the Google Books API and so the size will vary.

  3. Font size. The size of the font in the interface has been increased to meet ADA standards.

  4. “See more” on brief results list. When clicking “see more” on each brief result, more details will expand on the brief results page instead of opening on the detailed record page as currently happens. From the expanded content, clicking “…collapse” will revert back to the short summary.


  5. Mango configuration console (submitted by FLVC). An option to add informational banners has been added to the Mango configuration console. FALSC will continue to add banners related to maintenance activity, such as the banners regarding the Aleph version 23 services that will be unavailable during the upgrade. This enhancement gives each institution the flexibility to add local banners as desired. To use the new feature, login to the Mango Admin Console. Enter the banner text and enter a start and end date. The banner will appear during the dates specified.