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Mango Discovery

This is a listing of all webinars developed by FALSC for the Mango discovery tool

Patron Note box on Request Page

To be added Nov 2019.

On your Local Mango (hold) request page, you will now have the option to display a Note/Comment box for your patrons to pass information to you, with instructional (descriptive) text underneath.

The note box will allow a max of 50 characters. 

This feature can be used for any request project where additional information is needed from your patrons.  Any information added in the note box will automatically display on the pullslip for the request.

To edit the descriptive text, go to Mango Admin, under  "Descriptive Text for Note in Hold Request Screen".

If you do not want the note box to display at all on your local request page, simply delete all text from Mango Admin under "Descriptive Text for Note in Hold Request Screen".

Below is an example screenshot.  This library is using the note box to collect the Building name & Room number for Faculty Delivery.