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Mango Discovery

This is a listing of all webinars developed by FALSC for the Mango discovery tool

Forms related to eBooks

Forms related to eBooks are found on


030 - Add New MARC Record Vendor for E-Books or Print Books. FLVC/FALSC uses this form to know that we are supposed to begin downloading MARC records from a vendor OR when an institution is ordering a new format type from a vendor (e.g., the vendor has been supplying records for eBooks and will now supply records for eVideos). In addition to contact information, the following fields are mandatory to enable FLVC/FALSC to begin loading MARC records from the vendor. Please ensure all of your vendors who will be providing MARC records include a 949 field in each MARC record with the subfields indicated on the form so that FALSC can add the bib and item records correctly. All of this information must be entered in an Aleph load table.


032 - Add New PDA/DDA E-Book Vendor. FLVC/FALSC uses this form to know that we are supposed to begin downloading MARC records from a vendor with which your institution has a PDA or DDA program. Please contact the vendor before submitting the form to ensure they meet the following requirements:
  • Provide MARC records
  • Each record must have at least one $856 field with a URL pointing to one unique resource
  • Provide an FTP site where MARC records can be retrieved
  • Email when records can be downloaded
  • Signify by email which institution the MARC records are for and that the records are for PDA



008 - Access to Local Electronic Resources. This is a multi-purpose form. It’s primary use is to add or remove databases from the college’s FALSC-maintained Databases A-Z page. Additionally, there is a checkbox to let FALSC know we must delete MARC records from the catalog if we have previously loaded them. If you want stats collected in Automated Vendor Stats (AVS) to be included on the monthly L010 report, please complete the bottom part of the form.
Changes will be coming to this form as colleges move to LibGuides and OpenAthens, described briefly in the section of this LibGuide called “Adding to the Databases A-Z list”.