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Mango Discovery

This is a listing of all webinars developed by FALSC for the Mango discovery tool

Weeding eBooks

Weeding eBooks


Vendors drop eBook titles over time. Sometimes, the first indication a title might not be part of the collection anymore is when a link in Mango doesn’t work. There are other reasons a link doesn’t work, but this could be one of them. Contact the Help Desk and FALSC will help investigate. 


If the eBooks are owned by the library and the title is determined it should be weeded, library staff should remove records in Aleph as they would for a print book. The bibs will be in FCC01. When deleting a title no longer in the library’s collection, be aware that there used to be just one link on the MARC record. Now there are multiple links on the bib for multiple colleges owning a given title. The other colleges might be retaining the title in their collection. If deleting holdings and items, remember to delete your institution’s 856 on the MARC record.


If the eBooks are subscription-based, the library should ask the vendor to remove the title that isn’t in the collection. FALSC will load whatever file of MARC records the vendor subsequently provides. 


If the eBook titles are in PDA01, library staff won’t be able to weed these and must ask FALSC for assistance. No form is necessary. Contact the Help Desk and provide details about the records, such as the URL, permalink, title, etc.


If a title is also enabled in EDS (see section below on eBook records from EDS), the weeded title(s) should be turned off in Holdings Management (HLM) in EBSCOAdmin if they have been turned on there. Contact FALSC for assistance, if needed.