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Mango Discovery

This is a listing of all webinars developed by FALSC for the Mango discovery tool

eBook records in EDS

eBook records in EDS


Various eBook collections can be turned on in EDS. Deciding to turn on these collections or not varies by institution. If an institution has one of these collections turned on in EDS and FALSC also loads MARC records from that vendor, users will see two hits for the title, depending on how they are searching Mango.


Records cataloged in Aleph will show up in a “Library Catalog” or similarly labeled search in Mango. EDS records don’t show up in this search. EDS records will appear in a search labeled “Article”. Even though they aren’t articles, this tab represents the entirety of the content coming from the various EDS collections, not just article citations. Records cataloged in Aleph will not appear here. Both types of records will appear in an “All” or similarly labeled search in Mango.


Examples of what the two types of records look like are below.

eBook record from EDS (note the Full Text PDF icon):

Cataloged eBook record (note the eBook icon, standard 856 link phrasing, and collection of Shared eResources):