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Mango Discovery

This is a listing of all webinars developed by FALSC for the Mango discovery tool

Customization decisions: facets

Customization decisions: facets



The Mango Admin Console can be used to customize the facets. Follow this link to access the Mango Admin console, which is linked from the FALSC web site:


Changes can be made on test mango first by changing the URL in the browser’s address bar to match the URL for Mango on test. For example, after accessing the Mango Admin Console, the colleges would change the URL in the address bar from to Once changes have been reviewed on test, make the changes again using the production URL.


View the recording and/or slides from a previously presented webinar on Mango Administrative Tools and Functions: This presentation describes all of the customization library staff can make to the facets. Examples include:

  • order of each facet
  • name of each facet
  • number of entries that display as an initial count and count when show more is selected

The specific contents contained in each facet comes directly from Aleph tables or bibliographic metadata and cannot be edited in the Mango Admin console.