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Guide for the open and affordable learning community of Florida, OPEN FL.


May 13-14 2021

Thank you to our Committee Members:

Elena Lazovskaia-Hall

Cindy Gruwell

Christina Hastie

Simone Williams

Lori Albrizio

Frank, Ilene

Richard Hodges

Afsaneh Iranpour-Farhadi

Victor Lawrence

Uskokovich, Sharon L.

Dew, Shannon L.

James Paradiso

Sarah Hammill

Dominicis, Erick

Nashla Dawahre

Rackley, Nora

Stephen Szanati

Simonne Jackson

Bob Hartnett

Shawn Wilson

Chase Fiorini

Mike Neff

Mark Adams

Rebel Cummings-Sauls

FLVC Leadership: John Opper and Elijah Scott


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Day 1

9:00-9:05- WELCOME

9:05-9:30- FEATURED Speaker (Group) 

  • Building Campus Partnerships 

9:30-10:30-FEATURED Speaker(Group) 

  • Bringing Marginalized Voices into the Classroom with OER 

10:30-11:00- Coffee Sponsor Presentation and Yoga Break (Group) 

  • Gold Sponsor 

  • Yoga Session with Amber Karlins 

11:00-12:00 Mixed Session selection (Individual) 

  • Making OER interactive with OpenStax, Pressbooks, and H5P 

  • A Tale of Three Grants: Starting and Sustaining an Online Interdisciplinary Textbook 

  • FLVC Textbook Cost Indicators 

  • Using the Code of Best Practice in Fair Use for OER to Teach About Civics and Social Activism 

12:00-1:00 LUNCH (At your Leisure) 

  • OpenNJ: Collaborative Development, Usability Testing and Enhancement of an OER Repository 

1:00-1:30- Session selection (Individual) 

  • Valuing OER in the Tenure and Promotion Process: The OER Contributions Matrix 

  • Demonstrating the impact of OER through collaboration with peer learning services 

  • OER in the LMS for Concurrent Enrollment Courses in High Schools 

1:30-2:30- Workshop selection (Individual) 

  • Shaping the Future of the Open Education Conference 

  • Library Publishing of open material with CC licenses and Pressbooks  

2:30-3:00- Break and Network (Group) 

  • Open Discussions and Round Tables 

3:00-3:30- CLOSE (Group) 

Diamond Sponsor 


Day 2

9:00-9:05- WELCOME

9:05-9:30- FEATURED Speaker (Group) 

  • Growing the Open Education Field with State and Regional Leadership Networks 

9:30-10:30- Lightning Talks (Group) 

  • Graduate Student Buy-In as the Future of OER 

  • Texas Learn OER 

  • Why Curating OER is Just as Good as Creating It 

  • The Open RN Grant and Faculty OER Training: Open Resources for Nursing 

10:30-11:00- Coffee Sponsor Presentation and Yoga Break (Group) 

  • Gold Sponsor 

  • Yoga Session with Brenda Skiles 

11:00-11:30- Session selection (Individual) Textbook Affordability Not OER 

  • Maximizing Value of Our Collections For Students: FSU Libraries’ Course Adopted eResources Program Pilot 

  • Collaborating to Support Student Success: Exploring Free e-Text Access at Illinois State University 

11:30- 12:00- Session selection (Individual) 

  • Engaging Students as OER Co-Authors In and Out of Class 

  • Transitioning from OER to Online Instruction in a Culture of Impunity 

  • Perception and Use: Account for Teachers and Learners’ OER Differences! 

12-1 LUNCH (At your Leisure) 

  • Pandemic Progress: Unexpected Achievements in Unprecedented Times 

  • Just a Little Bit Longer: Using the Textbook Adoption Form to Learn about Affordability 

1-2- Panel selection (Individual) 

  • Empowering Faculty in Affordable, Accessible, and Quality Online Course Design 

  • The Unsustainable Cost of Streaming Videos: Creating Openly Accessible Alternatives 

  • Learning through Necessity: Encouraging Faculty OER Adoption with Professional Development During COVID-19 

2-2:30- Break and Network (Group) 

  • Open Discussions and Round Tables 

2:30-3:30- FEATURED Speaker (Group) 

  • Diamond Sponsor 

  • Moving Beyond Student Voice- Taking Action for Textbook Affordability at University of Central Florida