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UBorrow Guide

This guide is the beginnings of comprehensive information about UBorrow and the AlephILL client.

UBorrow History

Prior to Mar 2011:  FCS had a college-wide requesting service which allowed their patrons to request material from other colleges locations.  The polices used were the policy at the lending location.

Mar 2011 - SUS Only - Soft Launch of UBorrow.  Policy was 60 day loan period with one 30 day renewal, 2 day expiration.

Aug 2011 - SUS Only UBorrow Full Launch

Feb 2014 - FCS and SUS were integrated into each other's Lender lists as last resort.  

June 2014 - MCLS approved RSSC new SUS/FCS joint UBorrow policies: 45 day loan period, with one renewal, and 2 business day expiration.

July 2015 - FCS and SUS Lender lists were modified based on geographic region.

Sep 2016 - MCLS Approved RSSC new Lost billing policy.

Dec 2019 - MCLS approved RSSC proposal to allow that the Lender due date be the same as the patron due date.  Removed due date padding which decreased the paton's loan perod to prevent items being overdue to lender.

June 2019 - MCLS approved RSSC proposal to change the loan period from 45 to 60 days.  Renewal remained at one, for 30 days.  2 business day expiration.

June 2019 - MCLS approved RSSC proposal to included media in UBorrow on voluntary basis.