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Circulation Guide

Workstation Identifiers and IP addresses

Each circulation workstation must be configured in Aleph before it can check in and out items from a sublibrary.  These Aleph settings determine: a) which sublibaries the workstation can loan items in and out from, b) whether or not a transfer slip is generated when an item is returned, and c) if you can view cash transactions generated at a sublibrary from the workstation. 

Workstations are defined in Aleph either by the computer’s IP address or a custom defined workstation identifier.  Best practice may vary depending your institution. Contact the FLVC help desk at for assistance with setting circulation permissions to a new IP address or creating a new workstation identifier.  

Setting a Workstation Identifier

Perform the following steps to set a workstation identifier within the Aleph:

  1. Open the Circulation Client.
  2. Right click on the profile key located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. Select "Set Workstation Identifier." 
  4. Enter your workstation identifier in the "Enter New Station ID" box (if you are unsure what your workstation ID is contact
  5. Click OK.  
  6. Close and reopen the Circulation client.

To verify that the workstation identifier has been properly set, simply go back into the Workstation Identifier screen. The workstation identifier should now appear in the grayed out "Existing Station ID" field.  

Workstation Identifiers