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Digital Initiatives Standing Committee (DISC)

This guide is designed for and to provide information on the Digital Initiatives Standing Committee.

Digital Collections Interface Working Group

The purpose of the Digital Collections Interface Working Group is to review the Digital Collections Demo site,, and to discuss and make recommendations primarily for the look and feel of the interface. (The demo site was built using a separate instance of Mango software.)

The demo site contains approximately 136,000 records harvested from a wide sampling of data sources.  A fully populated site could potentially meet FLVC’s legislative mandate:


“(2) The Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative shall: (a) Develop and manage a library information portal and automated library management tools for use by Florida College System institutions and state universities.   The library information portal and automated library management tools shall include, but are not limited to, the following services and functions: [.  .  .] 4.  A statewide searchable database that includes an inventory of digital archives and collections held by public postsecondary education institutions.” Fla.  Stat.  1006.73(2)(a)(4) (2015).


The duration of the Working Group is expected to be January and February, with recommendations provided prior to the March 7-8 MCLS meeting.  I expect that we’ll meet initially to discuss the details of the current demo site and to devise a specific work plan.  While all feedback will be welcomed, we will focus mostly on presentation, e.g., facets, search results display, usability etc.


  • Lydia Motyka, FALSC liaison
  • Lee Dotson, UCF
  • Joanne Parandjuk, FAU
  • Roxanna Palmer, HCCFL
  • Silvia Perez Barraza, Broward
  • Mia Tignor, IRSC

Work Plan