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EZProxy login data for library assessment

This guide explains the FALSC service that provides EZProxy log data for FALSC libraries to perform library assessment projects

EZProxy login data to explore use of eResources and student success



FALSC will be offering delivery of EZProxy activity logs that track EZProxy sessions by student ID so you can explore relationships between student use of eResources and other metrics of student success.  This service will be available for the 31 institutions for whom we host EZProxy (the 28 state colleges, New College, FAMU, and Florida Polytechnic).

  1. Download the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that defines the service.
  2. Identify your most current IP ranges for all campuses - this information will be used to determine if e-resources have been used on-campus or off-campus.
  3. Return the MoU to Brian Erb at
  4. Request delivery of the logs using the request form and submit it to the FLVC Help Desk ( The MoU must be signed and returned before we can process a request.
  5. We will begin weekly delivery of a dated log file as a CSV that specifies the student ID and the amount of time logged in to EZProxy, generally within a month of request.
  6. Any assessments you complete using this data can be submitted to the Florida Public Academic Libraries Assessment Repository using the submission form

An example of an EZProxy file as delivered:

Slide show about EZProxy and Library Assessment

Slide 1

Slide 2

Slide 3 - an EZProxy Log File

Slide 4 - The EZProxy Log File as we deliver it

Slide 5

Slide 6

Slide 7

Slide 8

Slide 9