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ILS Open House Travel Reimbursement

Steps for travel reimbursement

Steps to claim reimbursement for FALSC ILS Open House


In order to receive reimbursement funds, you will need to complete a 2 step process. 

Step 1 is to register as a vendor with UWF.   We will need the Vendor ID assigned to you.  You should receive the ID via email once you've completed the registration process.

Step 2 is to complete a Travel Reimbursement Form, using the Vendor ID.

Step 1.  Fill out the online Vendor Registration.  These steps are also outlined in the Help document, see the link below.  The following steps are some of the highlights, and tips for certain sections.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Vendor Online Registration page and click on the blue, Vendor Registration button
  • You will need to register with either your institution's Tax ID # (or TIN) if you will registering for your institution so that funds are returned directly to your finance office.  If you do, please enter the name and other information of the contact at your finance office.
    • You should inform your contact at your finance office that they will receive an email with a Vendor ID from UWF, and funds for your trip.
  • Or, you will need to register using your personal SSN (to be reimbursed directly).

  • Enter your phone number and email address (for Individuals).  If using your institution's TIN, you should use the phone number and email address of your library/campus travel or financial office.
  • Press the, Process, button to continue
  • On the next screen, press the, Proceed, button to continue to register as a New Vendor.
  • On the next screen, Part I, fill out the required fields in the form
    • For Institution reimbursement : Enter Last name, First Name of finance contact person at your Institution, then Institution name underneath SSN line.  Then TIN on last line in the blue section.
    • For Individual: enter last name, first name and SSN 
    • Mailing Address (of Institution finance office, or personal address for individual)
    • Nation 
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Choose - Non-Employee (unless you are a UWF Employee)
    • Federal Tax Classification: Select Individual/Sole Proprietor

  • Part II - Check your classification 
    • Under Federal and Non-Minority Business Enterprise (Far right): Govt Agency (for Institution) or Non-employee (for Individual)
  • Part III - Certification - choose the appropriate response regarding your tax withholding status
    • Choose correct selection for your situation.  Most likely everyone will choose #2 (not subject to withholding).
    • #5, certify that You are a US person and that the above is true and accurate and type in your name (name of person filling out the form).
    • Press Submit
  • Part 2 is the the commodities/services section (not applicable for you) - Press the Skip this Step button

  • You should see a screen that states, "Your information has been submitted for processing.  Thank you.  You will receive a confirmation email address"


Following the review at UWF, you should receive an email notifying you that the registration process has been finalized.  Email Wendy Ellis, to let me know that you've registered and I'll lookup your Vendor ID and send it to you to include on the Reimbursement form, see Step 2.