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2019 Spring Regional Symposia

Planning Libguide for the FALSC Spring Regional Symposia

Thank You 2019 Attendees!

Thanks to everyone who attended an FLVC Regional Symposia - we had amazing turnout and we were really pleased to travel around the state and share information with our members and bring everyone together to share all the great things happening in Florida's academic libraries.  Presentations from all locations are posted in the left sidebar.

We had 153 attendees captured on the registration form in addition to many attendees who processed their registrations in bulk that are not captured on the Google Sheet. 

The list of attendees who registered through the Google Form can be viewed at:

I would love for you to take a moment to fill out a very short survey as we would like to continue having these gatherings on a regular basis and we want to make sure that we are sharing the kind of information that interests our members and gather any recommendations for future content or changes.  Also feel free to email me any comments or suggestions you might have.



FALSC/FLVC Regional Meetings

The FALSC/FLVC Spring Regional Symposia will take place in five locations around the state of Florida: These one day meetings take place in a "users group" type format, combining informational and training sessions from FALSC with presentations from our members suitable to a users group format.  Staff from all of our member institutions are invited to attend.  This page will be updated with information about each meeting as it is finalized.  Click the links to the left for information on each regional meeting.  The information in this Guide will take shape as our planning progresses.  Meetings will begin at 10:00am and end at 3:00pm local time with a small registration fee - we will be providing lunch.

UWF - April 2 

Seminole State College - April 16

St. Johns River College St. Augustine - April 18

Florida Southwestern State College - April 30

Broward College - May 2

If you would like to submit a proposal or suggest a presentation from FALSC, you may use this form - deadline for proposals is February 22. Presentation slots are generally up to 30 minutes, but some flexibility on length is possible. Proposals are generally accepted, but you will receive an email confirming acceptance.